One of the best things that you can do for your health and mental wellbeing are some simple relaxation exercises. Relaxation techniques help keep your body and mind calm and improve your ability to cope and deal with different situations.

There are a variety of techniques available from different breathing techniques through to muscle relaxation and visualisation techniques. These are taught so that you can use them when away from the service in order to enhance treatments given and give you outside coping strategies to use when feeling anxious and suffering different levels of stress.


A gentle relaxing massage using essential oils, specially blended for each client depending on their needs. It is a natural treatment using concentrated essential oils from plants in association with massage and can help to combat a wide range of physical and emotional problems. Brilliant for stress, muscular, tension, circulatory, respiratory and digestive problems. Different massage oils can help detoxify, uplift, soothe and relax, balance emotions and ease away tired aching muscles.It improves a clients wellbeing and promotes the body's optimum health.

Indian Head Massage

Using specifically selected aromatherapy oils this treatment works at relaxing the muscles and tissues of your upper body, gently manipulating areas around the head, face, neck and shoulders, increasing energy and restoring balance. It helps remove stress, anxiety, headaches, increasing mobility in the upper body, enhancing concentration whilst helping with many psychological issues. Leaving you in a deep state of calm, helps with insomnia, a busy mind tension, stress etc. Whilst balancing the body's physical and mental health.


Involves using pressure points on the feet in order to treat specific areas and organs of the body. It is a deeply relaxing treatment, is non-invasive and has a calming effect. It has a beneficial effect on the internal organs and systems of the body improving general Health and Wellbeing, creating balance to the Body and Mind. In promoting overall balance to the body, the immune system is boosted and energy levels increase. It is also a very good treatment to help hormonal imbalances and circulation problems etc.As all the body's systems are brought into balance improvement can be found in most areas. Particularly good at creating a positive