Binge Eating Group

Group programme for binge eating issues

The group treatment programme for binge eating problems is intended to facilitate understanding and reduction of binge eating, and improve health and wellbeing.

During the programme, clients will be provided with information that will help them to better understand their eating difficulties, and develop specific skills to help tackle problem eating behaviours.

Sessions will cover information about binge eating (e.g. causes of binge eating and what keeps it going), nutrition, healthy weight control behaviours as well as specific activities to address shape and weight concerns, unhelpful thoughts, dealing with mood, and developing problem solving and mindfulness skills.

The primary focus of the group programme is to address the problem of binge eating. As dissatisfaction with body weight and ‘dieting’ are common problems in people who binge eat, information and guidance about healthy weight loss will be included towards the end of the programme. It is important, however, to acknowledge that treating binge eating does not automatically lead to weight loss and that reducing or eliminating binges is a first step to controlling weight.

The group programme will run over 12 sessions. An indication of topics to be covered at each session are given below:

Session 1             Introduction and thinking about change

Session 2             Getting started and stopping ‘dieting’

Session 3             Introducing regular eating and mindfulness

Session 4             Managing triggers and coping with difficult feelings

Session 5             Introduction to nutrition and helpful tips

Session 6             Healthier lifestyles and working with thoughts

Session 7             Reviewing progress and returning to mindfulness

Session 8             Social influences and goal setting

Session 9             Thoughts about shape and weight in binge eating

Session 10           Problem solving and more working with thoughts

Session 11           Managing lapses, mindfulness revisited and group discussion

Session 12           Introducing healthy weight control, ending and next steps

There will usually be 3 to 4 clients with similar eating problems per group. Sessions will run from 5:00pm to 7:00pm fortnightly on Thursday evenings and will include a break of approximately 15 minutes. Sessions are held in a relaxed and informal environment. After the 12 group sessions, an individual meeting will be arranged giving each client the opportunity to meet with the course facilitators.  This meeting will last 1 hour and be arranged towards the end of the programme.

Although attendance is expected at all sessions to gain maximum benefit, we understand that this may not always be possible. Participants are advised to discuss with the group leaders in advance about difficulties attending.

Group participants will be asked to complete a number of different questionnaires at agreed times throughout the course, including some at every session. This is to help monitor any changes that are occurring during the programme and to give clients the opportunity to provide feedback.

Data from this course may be used for research purposes and will be anonymised and subjected to strict confidentiality processes. If you have any concerns about this, please speak to the course facilitators.

Although the group programme is intended as a treatment intervention, it is not a ‘therapy group’. If required, on completion of the course and depending on individual needs, there may be opportunity to access a one-to-one therapy, and/ or one-to-one sessions with a dietitian. This will be arranged in the individual meeting, where applicable.

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