Exercise management & Wellbeing

Exercise Management

This group pioneers the latest evidence based for exercise management and dietary behaviour to support people in the eating disorder setting. The group will include 6 modules:

1. Introduction to exercise and wellbeing

  • Introductions
  • Names and a bit about us
  • Who I am as the facilitator and what I do
  • Stories around sport and exercise and understanding of enjoyment
  • Dangers of over-exercise and why we need to monitor this
  • Brief introduction to sensible eating for refuelling after normal moderate activity

2. Amount of exercise

  • Go through different types of exercise
  • Different sports
  • Gym sessions, cardiovascular training vs resistance training
  • Healthy amount of exercise
  • Healthy type of exercise

3. Link to wellbeing and diet

  • Dietary guidelines
  • How exercise affects what we should eat
  • Calorie requirements

4. Exercise wellbeing and Sports Nutrition

  • Sports nutrition for beginners
  • Relate to how to fuel muscles and body
  • Wellbeing , how well do we feel on a scale of 1-10

5. Goal setting and group motivation

  • Group aims and goals
  • Individual goals
  • How we achieve them, work in pairs
  • Motivation to change

6. Close of group and review

  • Summarise group work from previous five sessions
  • Question Time
  • Talk about the positives of our life, exercise in moderation, diet and plan for the future
  • Review group sessions
  • Close

Wellness and Development

Inclusive environment with opportunity for sharing of ideas within group

Focus area markers:

  • Positives
  • Link to sport
  • Team work
  • Engagement
  • Group Review


  • Improve knowledge
  • Work with morale boosting and team building techniques
  • Reduce any over exercise tendencies
  • Increase responsible eating
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