Service Access

Referral Criteria

We offer early intervention and prevention services for both adults and adolescents (aged 14 years and above) whose primary concern is an eating disorder. Clients under the age of 18 years must have either parental or GP consent to access our service.

The service offers clinical treatment to individuals aged 16 years and above with a body max index (BMI) of 15 and over. If an individual’s BMI is below 15  we would advise approaching their GP for an alternative service.

For 14 – 15 year olds suitability will be ascertained by a clinical assessment.

Intervention can be offered for carers, family members and supporting others.

(All terms are subject to assessment protocols and suitability)

Our exclusion criteria includes the following:

Psychiatric Diagnosis for Personality Disorder (including suspected and traits), Borderline Personality Disorder, Psychosis, Schizophrenia and Bi-Polar

Persons who are identified as being a serious risk to self or others

Complex moderate to severe Learning Disabilities

Complex moderate to severe ASD and complex moderate to severe ADHD

Excessive Alcohol/Drug Misuse

N.B If an individual has been under the care of psychiatric services please speak with a member of our team to assess suitability for a referral to our service on 01909 479922.

Please be advised unfortunately at the current time we are unable to accept referrals for those diagnosed with ARFID. Please contact your local NHS Adult service or CAMHS team

Referral Process

Self-referrals and health professional referrals can be done via telephone, letter/email or by completing the referral form at the bottom of this page

Referral Pathway

GP / CPN / School Nurse / Nurse / IAPT / CMHT can refer directly to FREED if the individual meets our diagnostic criteria. FREED will then offer an appointment to assess suitability and decide the interventions that are most suitable.

Please note, although we are now able to accept referrals from a wider geographical area, we may not be the commissioned service for your area.

Please use the referral form below.

Service Access
Do you consider this referral to be urgent?
Have you previously been diagnosed with any of the following?
Are you currently using any recreational drugs. If yes please give details in other relevant information
Do you drink alcohol? If yes please give details in other relevant information
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