Service Access

Referral Criteria

FREED-Beeches will accept:-

Clients from all ages 14+ (clients aged 18 and under must have either parental or GP consent to access our service)

BMI range for 14-15 year old clients is minimum 17

BMI range for 16+ year old clients is minimum 15

Carers and family members

(all terms are subject to assessment protocols and suitability)

(Please note we can only see clients whose GP's are based within Nottinghamshire County (not City) and Derbyshire unless private funding can be obtained)

Please be aware that the following are within our exclusion criteria :-

Complex long term Psychiatric input for any of the below exclusions:

Personailty Disorder (including suspected and traits)

Excessive Alcohol/Drug Misuse

Moderate to severe Learning Difficulties, Autism, Aspergus, ADHD

Psychosis, Schizophrenia


N.B If an individual has been under the care of psychiatric services please speak with a member of our team to assess suitability for a referral to our service on 01909 479922.

Referral Process

Self referral can be done via telephone, letter, email or completing the self referral form at the bottom of this page

GP Referral can be done via telephone, letter, email or fax

Other health professionals can be done via telephone, letter, email or fax.

Referral Pathway

GP / CPN / School Nurse / Nurse / IAPT / CMHT - can refer directly to FREED if the individual's BMI is between 15 - 35 and the individual meets our diagnostic criteria, FREED will then offer an appointment to assess suitability and decide the interventions that are most suitable. (Our diagnostic criteria is available upon request).

If an individual's BMI is below 15 or above 35 we would advise him/her to approach their GP for an alternative service.

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