FREE Self-Esteem & Body Confidence Workshops

Ms S V Bell (BA Hons./QTS/SE&T)


To encourage positive self-esteem in young people & explore underlying causes of poor body confidence through:

Understanding the concept of appearance ideals and where pressures to achieve this comes from.

Build media literacy, exploring how images and messages, from advertising to cinema and social media are often manipulations of the truth.

Develop strategies to resist appearance pressures avoid comparing themselves challenge ideals and build body confidence.

A new 5 week ‘Confidence Champion’ programme can be booked for year 10 groups on reduced timetables or who need extra support with confidence & self-esteem (for more information contact:


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Bubble Follow Up Activities

Year 3 & 4 ResourceDownload here

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Parents ResourceDownload here

Other Puzzles:

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Age range

From Key stage 2 upto and including college students.

FREE ‘Year 3-4 Interactive Workshop’


  • Look at pictures from children’s adverts
  • How to keep our bodies active
  • Friendship trust
  • Hobbies

FREE Confidence and Self Esteem for children getting ready for secondary school

Year 5 & 6 ‘Interactive Workshop’


Activities that can give your child the space to feel good about themselves

  • Who do your children look up to and why?
  • An insight into the affect of media imagery and how to look at these from a different angle
  • How to use the internet to your advantage in guiding your child
  • There will be chance to share ideas, a film clip to watch and some useful websites to check out

FREE Self-Esteem, Eating Habits & Body Confidence for post 16 learners

Age range Teenagers and young people in post 16, college & Higher Education


To raise awareness on eating habits, body confidence & media influences

Eating Disorders Awareness & Empowerment

Who is this useful to?

Professionals working with children & young people, Lecturers & teachers working in university, boarding & residential college and People with a pastoral role for teenagers


To raise awareness on eating disorders & how to encourage empowerment.

To book your session, simply call with a few preferred dates:

‘Freed Beeches Eating Disorders Services’

01909 479922

Freed Beeches is a registered charity working in partnership with the NHS, supporting and offering treatment to individuals whose lives are affected by eating disorders.

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