Mission Statement

The main aim of our organization is to promote a client-centered Project using an inter-disciplinary and holistic approach, offering individuals recovery management tools based on treatment comprised of psychological, nutritional, cultural and social. It is our role as clinicians to create a supportive and safe environment enabling clients and their families to empower themselves, thus facilitating a healing process in which clients make their own decisions regarding ‘recovery’.

We believe that eating disorders are complex and multi-factorial. We acknowledge that eating disorders occur in a social and political climate that fosters disturbed eating behaviours and destructive ideas about weight and shape. Since there is no one cause, each treatment needs to be tailored to the individual’s unique needs for psychological, nutritional, cultural and social guidance. It should however be consistent in philosophy and continuous across services.

Our services are available to all people suffering from eating disorders and their families, regardless of how long they have suffered. Recovery can be a long process and can occur in stages. All clients and their families will be supported throughout their individual and unique care by FREED-Beeches dedicated and multidisciplinary team of experts.

FREED-Beeches Project will also focus on prevention, awareness and education by providing presentations, workshops and training at schools, universities, colleges and other interested organizations and to provide educational resources about eating disorders to all professional such as GPs, practice nurses, school nurses and teachers.

We believe that treatment should be offered in the least intrusive way in a compassionate, caring and confidential environment. As much as feasible, the environment at FREED- Beeches Project will be normalising and home-like, facilitating, self-nurturing and recreational skills

We believe that while healing and understanding involves a gathering of resources within the person, the family and the community, it is fostered by confidential care and humanistic treatment. It requires making meaning of one’s experience, courage, perseverance and connectedness. To heal does not necessarily imply to cure – it can be helping people achieve a way of life compatible with their individual aspirations and to restore their freedom to make choices even in the presence of continuing disease.

Our Philosophy

We believe that FREED-Beeches provides a safe and supportive environment for the people that come to use our service. We feel that this has been achieved by establishing a caring and non-judgmental atmosphere, where both sufferers and carers are able to feel comfortable and secure.

We believe very strongly that the culture of blame is counter productive to the work that we are doing at Freed-Beeches. The negativity that blame creates undermines our desire to support the recovery of whole family if this is appropriate to the individuals involved

At FREED-Beeches we believe that where appropriate, the family and/or carers are part of the solution when given appropriate support, information and encouragement.

FREED-Beeches believe that early intervention is vital in the prevention of an eating disorder developing into an acute and life threatening condition. For this reason, FREED-Beeches provides training for healthcare professionals, which will help them to recognise an eating disorder in its early stages, as well as identifying appropriate referral paths.

FREED-Beeches are committed to providing an educational package to schools, colleges and universities, or wherever there are young people who may be vulnerable to developing an eating disorder.

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